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I am a Large Fluffy Chicken called Bob.

Requiem for a teatowel

Farewell manky chequered blue tea-towel
Your time has come
I went to dry my cup on you today
You’re no longer there
By a new teatowel
A red one
A CLEAN red one

I remember once
When I first joined
I took you to the laundromat to get you cleaned
You looked the same after
Brown bits

I bid you adieu
You were special
And smelly
I hope you’re at the Oxyplus factory
Being used
As the new definition of stubborn stains



I'm Dirty But You'll Use Me Anyway

I’m Dirty But You’ll Use Me Anyway

Death of a Note II

My Note II died yesterday.

It rebooted in the middle of nothing, then went to the startup / boot screen.  Quite normal. But it wouldn’t leave that screen.  So I pulled the battery.  Put it back.  Same thing, booted to the normal screen.

No worries I thought, I’ll just boot into recovery.  The recovery would start, then crash.  No menu, no options.  Didn’t look good.  I tried to flash stock using ODIN.  Kept failing with write errors, then it wouldn’t even boot up anymore.  A few more attempts, flashing the PIT file etc and now it’s deader than dead.

Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy Note 2

I guess the EMMC chip has gone.  Alas.  It was a good phone, if a little laggy.  Well, a lot laggy.  That’s the reason I’m just waiting on my Nexus 6 to arrive, which should be any day now.

I’ll never buy another Samsung again.

Raspberry Pi

My Pi arrived yesterday.  I plugged it in for 30 minutes while I baked a cake for Sarah’s birthday. Seems pretty neat, I’m impressed that the distribution I chose to test with (OpenELEC) detected the Wifi Dongle straight away and just worked with it.

The major issue at the moment is I don’t have a decently sized MicroSD card.   I have a 2G one, which was fine for some basic testing.  And it’s actually fine for OpenELEC as well, but it’s a GUI oriented thing and I don’t want that, I want something that’s basically a Linux Distro (i.e. Rasbian)

Will have to get it a decent SD Card today.  And the case that my workmate 3D Printed for it should be arriving in the next day or two.

I’ll be crabbed off if I can’t get grsecurity running on it…


micro had some sort of Out Of Memory event this morning.  Well, looking at the cacti graphs it’s been happening for a few days.  Something in kernel, given that even when I stopped the (remaining few) userspace processes, I only had 100M free and the box was swapped to the maximum.

I’m building a new kernel now with some slub debugging.

Fingers Crosssed


I am writing to kindly ask that my $1 “Other ATM” fee this morning be refunded. I had to go to the smelly Westpac ATM because the ASB ATM in Taradale was out of service.

I trust you will see kindness in your heart and realise that I would be much better to spend that $1 on a Mars Bar for a morning snack.

Yours in a dislike of Fees,


Update: I got my $1 back.