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Death of a Note II

My Note II died yesterday.

It rebooted in the middle of nothing, then went to the startup / boot screen.  Quite normal. But it wouldn’t leave that screen.  So I pulled the battery.  Put it back.  Same thing, booted to the normal screen.

No worries I thought, I’ll just boot into recovery.  The recovery would start, then crash.  No menu, no options.  Didn’t look good.  I tried to flash stock using ODIN.  Kept failing with write errors, then it wouldn’t even boot up anymore.  A few more attempts, flashing the PIT file etc and now it’s deader than dead.

Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy Note 2

I guess the EMMC chip has gone.  Alas.  It was a good phone, if a little laggy.  Well, a lot laggy.  That’s the reason I’m just waiting on my Nexus 6 to arrive, which should be any day now.

I’ll never buy another Samsung again.

Viber = Android Battery Issue

I figured out what was totally fscked my phone. Making contacts unusable, the CPU was ticking over all the time stealing battery.


I’d ticked “Sync Viber with Contacts” or some bullshit. Unticked that, lo and behold, battery life is awesome. I can get up at 6am and go to bed at 9pm with still 30%.

It used to die around 6pm before, flat. Now it still has 40%

Fuck you, Viber!