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Raspberry Pi

My Pi arrived yesterday.  I plugged it in for 30 minutes while I baked a cake for Sarah’s birthday. Seems pretty neat, I’m impressed that the distribution I chose to test with (OpenELEC) detected the Wifi Dongle straight away and just worked with it.

The major issue at the moment is I don’t have a decently sized MicroSD card.   I have a 2G one, which was fine for some basic testing.  And it’s actually fine for OpenELEC as well, but it’s a GUI oriented thing and I don’t want that, I want something that’s basically a Linux Distro (i.e. Rasbian)

Will have to get it a decent SD Card today.  And the case that my workmate 3D Printed for it should be arriving in the next day or two.

I’ll be crabbed off if I can’t get grsecurity running on it…