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To be clear – I’m not trying to pick on anyone here. It’s just an amazing example of the confusion around UFB.

[24/10 10:44] <USER> @NZ_ISP can you please tell me the CIR on 100/50 business fibre?
[24/10 11:10] <@NZ_ISP> @USER My understanding is that it’s 10Mbps down, 2.5Mbps up (that’s for your plan). ^CP
[24/10 11:12] <@USER> @NZ_ISP OK. I think the support team are using that as an excuse. Hitting a wall at 35mbit, but they’re saying that’s OK.
[24/10 11:19] <@NZ_ISP> @USER That’s obviously well above CIR, but we want to make sure you’re getting as fast a speed as possible too. ^CP
[24/10 11:20] <@USER> @NZ_ISP I can’t break 35mbit with multiple streams from multiple fast NZ servers. There’s definitely an issue there.
[24/10 11:26] <@NZ_ISP> @USER I’m only passing on what our engineers have checked out – like I said, I’m having them check it again. ^CP
[24/10 11:28] <@USER> @NZ_ISP Thanks. I’ve emailed prem support again with more pretty pictures.

[24/10 15:24] <@kiwibrew> @USER if multiple streams saturate a connection, it’s a TCP tuning / receive window issue, not the circuit @stevebiddle @NZ_ISP
[24/10 15:29] <@USER> @kiwibrew Tell me more. Anything I can adjust at my end to enhance this?
[24/10 15:29] <@USER> @kiwibrew Err, it’s upload that’s not going as fast as it should too, btw.
[24/10 15:33] <@NZ_ISP> @USER The ticket is in a closed state so yes, you’ll continue to get those messages if you keep sending emails. I’m having them check…
[24/10 15:33] <@NZ_ISP> @USER …into it again though. ^CP
[24/10 15:34] <@USER> @NZ_ISP I think we’re at a stalemate anyway. I maintain 70% of advertised speed isn’t good enough. You maintain that you only promised me 2.5
[24/10 15:34] <@USER> @NZ_ISP As a side note the ONLY speed mentioned on the contract I signed was the 100/50. Hope you’ve got proper UFB contracts by now?
[24/10 15:36] <@NZ_ISP> @USER So would you like me to leave this ticket closed then? ^CP
[24/10 15:37] <@USER> @NZ_ISP You’re aware your customer is unhappy with the service you’re providing. Up to you if you re-open or leave it.
[24/10 15:38] <@kiwibrew> @USER Perry has some good resources here: Also check for limiting factors
[24/10 15:42] <@NZ_ISP> @USER Just had a chat with the team and they’ve let me know that the speeds are at an acceptable level for us and Chorus. You’re more…
[24/10 15:42] <@NZ_ISP> @USER …than welcome to have a chat with your account manager if you have any more concerns. ^CP