Monthly Archives: May 2012

Best Juniper PR

From the 10.4R10 release notes:

A service technician brushed against the front panel of a MX RE card, and the RE powered down. Resulted in outages of customer networks. [PR/703076: This issue has been resolved.]

Sadly they have updated the document.

My Thoughts on Fyx

Everyone’s got a comment about Fyx!
Here’s mine:

My analogy is that it’s like you all work in the pizza business. And you’re all discussing a rival pizza company because they’ve put a blinking LED on their pizza.

Sure, you can’t eat it. Or maybe you can? But maybe for a few weeks before everyone goes “You can’t eat LEDs, it’s not legal!!!”

So you all go on and on and on about the flashing LED on the pizza. Is it legal? Is it not? What happens if you EAT the LED? Will you have to be rushed to hospital? Will you be OK? OMFG!!!! OMG!?!?! Is it LEGAL to put an LED ON A PIZZA? PULL IT OFF!! But what if I can’t pull it off? Will I get sued? LOOK! LOOK AT IT FLASH!

They’re selling pizza. But you’re all OMFG about the flashing LED that may, or may not, come with the pizza. You’ve told all your family. Your friends. You’ve got just the best and smartest opinion about the legality of selling a flashing LED and you’ve told everyone you know about it.

And now, horror of horrors, you’ve found out the pizza DOES NOT come with a flashing LED. That’s it. They’ve officially called it. No more flashing LEDs.

Now you’re left with a normal, boring pizza. One you’ve not even tried but you know know you probably hate it.

Oh and there’s one marketing company behind it all that can’t stop laughing.