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Powershop: 1 – Tim H: 0

You gotta hand it to powershop, they know how to have a good laugh.

They posted this to their Facebook specials page:

Seal up those cracks, the southerly’s back, and he’s bringing the chill as he’s blowing flat tack. But relax Powershoppers, all is not lost, our Wintervention will help you defrost!

Me, being the eternal plonker, posted this in reply:

I quite liked the poem, though I thought it could have made better use of rhyming techniques and maybe had a similie or two. However it was a fine attempt for a Friday afternoon, 3 and 1/2 out of 5 stars.

So as a reply, they posted this!

@Tim H, a tale for you
it sounds a bit strange, but we swear that it’s true!

Our rhymes they are awful, of this we’re aware,
but don’t blame the writer, that wouldn’t be fair!

Our old specials gremlin wrote a little too clunky,
so we traded him in for a well trained monkey!

Now the monkey he tries, but he’s quite prone to fail,
which is perhaps our fault! (we got him on sale…).

So the reason the rhymes have been a bit crazy
is probably our doing, today we were lazy!

We gave monkey the wrong brain-med prescription,
and then made the poor thing write the description!

Now’s he’s all hopped up and running a muck,
we’ll have to try and catch him! (Please wish us luck)

So this week we’ll blame that drugged monkey-freak,
but we hope to improve, a humans writing next week…

-The Product Gremlin